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These Problems Are The Good Ones To Have

Dress: Macy's; Blazer: Sears; Tights: ?; Shoes: Aero (India);

 CGIU outfits, part 2! Part 1 can be found here! I am crazily, madly, foolishly in love with this dress. I got really lucky, because when I bought it it was 50% off and had been discontinued, and I still managed to find one in my size! As I have mentioned before, I'm a hopeless sucker for pleats and full skirts. Also, pay attention in these pictures to my pretty friends, because trust me, they're all gonna be famous innovators or politicians or doctors some day!!

ETA: Has anyone been having trouble with the new blogger? My posts never format right anymore and it's really annoying.

Shameless Plug

I've mentioned before an organization I work with called Project RISHI. Our projects got accepted to the Clinton Global Initiative University conference last year and this year. There are many chapters across the US, and I've been involved with ours since its inception. I'm really invested in this organization and I'm excited to say I'm going to be Director of Initiatives at the national level for the next year! So, with that said, I would really really really appreciate it if you would check out our Facebook Page by clicking on the above picture and liking us! If you're interested in learning more check out the website and/or email me!

A Clockwork Orange

As you know, I read a lot and it's been a resolution of mine to actually keep track of what I've read this year. I've been trying to read more of "the classics" lately, and paired with my current obsession with dystopia, this was the obvious choice. Funnily enough, it turns out that most of "the classics" are actually really good, and I was just a douchebag, self-righteous teenager in high school when I thought they were dry and boring. But that being said, I've recently started reading non-fiction, so perhaps I am getting dry and boring. Kidding.

The book was a thrill. Certainly, it took a couple chapters to get used to the made-up Nasdat language, but I think it helps to just plow through rather than use the glossaries most books provide. Context clues are enough. It can get a bit graphic and some of the violence made me uneasy, but at the same time, there's an underlying humanity to Alex, the main character, that makes his journey very compelling to read. I found it amazing how much Burgess tells you about the kind of dystopia this is set in without point-blankly describing it as many books in the genre tend to do. I want to say more without giving anything away, but I also don't want this to be an essay of a review. Definitely 4/4 stars, though. Go forth and read.

Recipe: Egg in Avocado

In life, there are few breakfast dishes you can never ever go wrong with. One is milk and cereal (cereal and milk!), and another is this dish, which I've only recently discovered. It's easy-peasy to make and it tastes AMAZING. How could it not, though?

What You'll Need: 
Eggs, Avocado, Salt/Pepper/Hot Sauce/etc, Green Onion
Preheat oven to 350˚F.
Cut the avocado in half, pit. Fill with egg as per preference.
Pro-tip: Carve out the avocado a bit more. One whole egg won't fit in one avocado, so beating the egg before filling helps. One egg is good for 3-4 avocado halves.

Bake till egg is cooked to however runny (or not) you like.
Garnish with green onions, salt/pepper/hot sauce. 

Tuesday Tunes: Musical Edition Pt. 2!

I saw a production of RENT last week, which has turned all of my music listening recently into Dramatic Showtune Sing-A-Long Time With Hairbrush! I thought I would share the fun!

1. "Edelweiss" - Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music)
2. "It's De-Lovely" - Bing Crosby & Ethel Merman (Anything Goes)
3. "Circle of Life" - Cast of The Lion King
4. "Don't Rain On My Parade" - Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl)
5. "What You Own" - Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal (RENT)

And, if you're new and hopelessly into musicals, the first part of this musical edition of Tuesday Tunes can be found here!


...Okay, you all knew this post was coming, so let's not pretend you didn't. All I have to say is, even if you're not a superhero fan, go watch it. GO WATCH IT NOW.

I literally spent almost 2 hours straight smiling.
Just go watch it. No, really.

Disclaimer: This is not a review. It is an endorsement with two thumbs up and an over-dramatic wink, but I'm not getting paid for it. Though, all things considered, maybe I should be. Ya hear that, Starkid?


A while ago, I made this post about a step forward that I had taken in what I'm going to call my ongoing body image issue-reconciliation project. Last night I had another major epiphany that I want to share, because the realization made me incredibly happy and thankful.

Not sure how many of you are aware because blogger tends to be a very different world, but on Tumblr, there are a lot of blogs centered around "thinspiration" and dieting (some of which are downright scary) and a LOT of people who are very open with how they feel about their bodies, positive or negative. I was following a few tamer "thinspo" blogs, but lately, and I'm not sure when this happened exactly...I’ve hit a point where I don’t feel like I can relate to thinspo or people wanting to hardcore diet/cleanse anymore. I understand and empathize and I’m still not happy with my weight/figure/habits, but I no longer feel like I need to abuse myself to change what needs changing. I don't feel desperate. God, it feels so good to even just say that. And everyday, I’m finding things to like about my body and how good it feels when it’s healthy and happy.

I really hope the feeling this realization has kindled will keep up and motivate me to stay healthy. Take that middle-school insecurity! Strike two!

Never An Absolution

Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Macy's; Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Pardon the strange lighting and other faults of these pictures, they were taken with haste. Also, sorry to my darling friend in advance who was not ready yet, but I put her picture on the internet anyway. This is the first of my two outfits during CGIU! The dress code for the weekend was the dreaded "semi-formal." To me semi-formal encompasses everything from cocktail dresses, fancier cocktail dresses (homecoming dresses), business-casual-casual, and business-casual-business. Sorry if those distinctions make no sense to you (I may have invented them), but you can see why I was worried about outfits! I think I did alright though because at no point did I feel over- or under-dressed. Small victories. Hooray!

A Little Pick-Me-Up

"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value."
-Albert Einstein

“Make no small plans for they have no power to stir the soul.”
–Niccolo Machiavelli

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
–A.A. Milne

"I was taught to strive not because there were any guarantees of success but because the act of striving is in itself the only way to keep faith with life."
-Madeleine Albright

I have been feeling very motivated lately, not without reason. However, this month is looking like it's going to be extremely busy and pretty tough. So this is for all of us out there who need that last little bit of inspiration to push us over the top to great things. Go forth and conquer, friends, because as a great man once said, "YOLO."

Tuesday Tunes!

I wanted to do a quick recap of my weekend and everything last night, but instead of a wonderful and nostalgic journey home, we ended up delayed at the Dallas airport for seven hours with fuel issues for which they had us change planes and return to the gate twice. I love flying and I fly a pretty decent amount and I've never had anything quite like that happen to me before. Ironically, this all happened while I was in the middle of a text conversation trying to convince a friend who hates flying that it's actually awesome. Hashtag, fail. Point being, we ended up traveling for roughly 17 hours, and I just didn't have the energy. So, Tuesday Tunes, it is!

1. "The Motto" - Drake ft. Lil Wayne
2. "Déprimé" - Sylvie Vartan
3. "All of the Lights" - Kanye West ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi
4. "In The Dark (Proper Villains Remix)" - DEV
5. "Chammak Challo" - Akon ft. Ra.One

Snippets of DC, Part 2

Just a couple more!

Hogwarts Church of the Ascension and St. Agnes

Street View

The National City Christian Church building

Yup, that's Bill Clinton. And then I talked to him about our project.
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