A Clockwork Orange

As you know, I read a lot and it's been a resolution of mine to actually keep track of what I've read this year. I've been trying to read more of "the classics" lately, and paired with my current obsession with dystopia, this was the obvious choice. Funnily enough, it turns out that most of "the classics" are actually really good, and I was just a douchebag, self-righteous teenager in high school when I thought they were dry and boring. But that being said, I've recently started reading non-fiction, so perhaps I am getting dry and boring. Kidding.

The book was a thrill. Certainly, it took a couple chapters to get used to the made-up Nasdat language, but I think it helps to just plow through rather than use the glossaries most books provide. Context clues are enough. It can get a bit graphic and some of the violence made me uneasy, but at the same time, there's an underlying humanity to Alex, the main character, that makes his journey very compelling to read. I found it amazing how much Burgess tells you about the kind of dystopia this is set in without point-blankly describing it as many books in the genre tend to do. I want to say more without giving anything away, but I also don't want this to be an essay of a review. Definitely 4/4 stars, though. Go forth and read.


  1. great review!! i've marked this to read...thanks.

  2. I love myself a nice book. Can't wait for summer---reading books and laying out:)

    Sorry Ive been gone for a while--dont worry though, still love your blog.



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