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Recommendations Wanted: New Face Wash

It's that time again. I am in need of a new face wash. I'm the kind of person that usually uses one face wash at a time (assuming I don't hate it immediately). As such, depending on bottle size, I'm often using the same brand for months at a time, sometimes longer if I really like it.

I've been using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil line for almost 3 years now, and it's definitely a contender for another purchase, but like a stagnant relationship, I've been finding myself underwhelmed with it recently, and longing to play the field again. In the past, I've used pretty much everything Neutrogena has ever made (decent, but sometimes very drying), La Roche-Posay Dermo Cleanser (decent, but didn't always remove makeup well), Cetaphil (love it otherwise, but same issue with the make up), and Mario Badescu Cucumber cleanser (took off makeup really well, but left my skin feeling kind of oily).

I've since started using a Clarisonic (can I get a hallelujah?!), which has made a huge difference with the makeup issue and otherwise, but perhaps not enough to thrill me. I've just moved to somewhere that is about to get VERY dry and cold, and I think it's time to find something that helps my crazy combination-type skin, adapt properly.I've heard good things about Murad and Philosophy, and am always open to more natural and/or cruelty-free options.

What face wash do you use? Recommend your favorites!


A couple weeks ago, just as it had started to cool down, N and some friends and I went to this hot air balloon festival nearby.
We were particularly amused by the kid hanging off the shoelace of the shoe.
Can someone tell me what on earth this thing is??? We were guessing some kind of bug, but if you look too long and hard it's...really fucking creepy. And what is that yellow thing protruding from its face?!? Why is it only on one side? Why does it have one gold tooth? Whose idea was it to include this balloon in an event where there would be small children and easily-freaked-out adults?! So many questions.
We were just beginning griping about how it had been a little disappointing (because none of the balloons were rising, and all the lines for short 2-minute rides and any of the food were insane), and then they started lighting the balloons up in this brilliant display!

Made the whole excursion seem cooler and better! And one day I will have saved up the money to ride in one...
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