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Tuesday Tunes!

1. "Working Man" - Imagine Dragons
2. "One Headlight" - The Wallflowers
3. "Simple Song" - The Shins
4. "Somebody Loves You" - Betty Who
5. "Wagon Wheel" - Darius Rucker

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday Brunch

Bright morning light,
Crisp cool air,
Just a little more lazy left.

There is nothing more divine and appropriate, in my opinion, than Sunday brunch. A giant meal on a morning where the weekend still feels like the weekend, but slowly fading and a little too fleeting. A couple more hours and then you have to do all that work you said you were going to do over the weekend but procrastinated until Sunday night. I love it. Dressed up or dressed down, dive-y diner or classy restaurant, whatever it is, give it to me. And put some bacon on the side.

Brunch on!


Three guesses who we were!

Halloween was awesome this year! I sewed my entire from yards of fabric (a first for me), so that was pretty legit (even if the sewing was actually...rather poor). A number of people actually recognized who I was, so that was another plus. And I got to costume/people watch at one of the biggest Halloween festivals in the US. Favorites included Venom from Spiderman, a girl dressed as Gru and a bunch of male Minions, and counterfactuals! Did you see any cool costumes this year?
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