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A Quick Update

Hello! I don't really have consistent and available internet connection while here (a tragedy, I know), but we've decided to have a group travel blog for the trip in which I will be posting occasionally, so here's the link!
The Wonderful Travels of Project RISHI

Au Revoir!

For the next five weeks, I will be in India having an adventure! I'll have my computer, so I am going to try and post about my travels, but obviously, no guarantees. I rather wanted to have a totally electronics-free, connecting-with-nature, finding-myself style trip, but alas, I cannot part with my darling Macbook. Sad, I know. I am, however, not going to miss out on amazing things because of this baby. I'll be spending three weeks in rural (read: in the middle of the jungle) leprosy colonies doing sustainable community projects and volunteering in a hospital, and the remaining two visiting family. See you back September 16th!

New Approach

I began this blog as a way to more meaningfully express myself. I wanted to improve my writing and learn to speak more eloquently and with brevity. I had experimented with other online journals, but never felt I could achieve the same level of intellectual expressivity as I could on a blog. I didn't want to only post when I was upset or lonely or feeling less zen than a cow giving birth, and I didn't want to have long gaps between posts (we're talking months). I also wanted to be posting something I thought was meaningful.

These goals have been somewhat elusive. I still tend to post spur-of-the-moment with no plan to go off of (I plan blog posts all day in my head and then when it comes time to write, I can't seem to think of anything). In the past, this has resulted in posts such as this gem:
"And I'm really glad that the bad parts of this week are over-ish. I've got no idea what we're doing in math since missed a day and almost fell asleep in math today, well...yesterday and have no idea what the hell we're learning right now."

Frivolous, boring, disorganized, and somewhat shameful to re-read several years later. What a valuable memory, my mathematical apathy, right? So, I switched gears. I posted things about TV, fashion, little life stories, medical aspirations, etc. But now, even that (especially when thrown together on the spot) seems frivolous. Will I care in several years what Urban leather jacket I was lusting after in 2010? I doubt it. Honestly, I can't even remember what I was lusting over at the mall yesterday. That being said, I like the Lust List (and will continue it), but I've decided to take a more organized approach to blogging.

I've begun writing my entries in a notebook before I make them, planning and editing as is necessary. I can't guarantee that this will make my posts suddenly brilliant like mimismartypants or The Everywhereist or bright and beautiful like A Diary of Lovely or even informative like The Journey to an MD...And Beyond or Mikey's Rain City Blog (all of with which I have an ongoing love affair). Hopefully, though, they'll be more substantial, or at least better organized. I hope this is reflected in future posts and I welcome (read: get on my knees and beg for) further information on how to solve this "blogsistential crisis."

Some 'Splainin' To Do!

"It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy."
-Lucille Ball

A tribute today to one of my favorite ladies of all time. What better day than August 6th, her would-have-been birthday, to feature the actress famous for being America’s favorite redheaded, bumbling housewife?

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”

Classic face!

via Etsy.


Lust List Monday: Shark Week!

Yesterday marked the commencement of one of the best specials ever to grace the silver screen. Better than Twilight Zone marathons and (dare I say it?) better even than the '25 Days of Christmas' movie specials. This is it.

Shark Week

I mean, really, who doesn't enjoy frequent use of the word "chumming" (which you'd basically never hear otherwise, but is amusing nonetheless), countless close-ups of upward-closing eyelids, and the beautiful-but-deadly grace and power of the infamous Great White? I am in Chondrichthyesial heaven. You will find me glued to my television and probably not packing much over this next week (bad!). Thus, this week's Lust List is shark themed!

People would certainly not mess with you while wearing this!

Cute, right?

Seriously, how adorable?

I think my heart stopped when I saw these. WANT.

Happy Shark Week!
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