A couple weeks ago, just as it had started to cool down, N and some friends and I went to this hot air balloon festival nearby.
We were particularly amused by the kid hanging off the shoelace of the shoe.
Can someone tell me what on earth this thing is??? We were guessing some kind of bug, but if you look too long and hard it's...really fucking creepy. And what is that yellow thing protruding from its face?!? Why is it only on one side? Why does it have one gold tooth? Whose idea was it to include this balloon in an event where there would be small children and easily-freaked-out adults?! So many questions.
We were just beginning griping about how it had been a little disappointing (because none of the balloons were rising, and all the lines for short 2-minute rides and any of the food were insane), and then they started lighting the balloons up in this brilliant display!

Made the whole excursion seem cooler and better! And one day I will have saved up the money to ride in one...


1.5 Weeks IN

Have I mentioned yet how much I am loving my new job? My main task is tracking and hopefully preventing outbreaks of several diseases. I will be the first to admit that I have no flippin idea what I'm doing half the time yet, other than maybe gaining an insane amount of respect for the other people in my office and the previous person in my position. I remember dreading the full-time workforce, because I can get easily bored if a job doesn't have enough task variety, but this one had me hooked from the job description, and boy has it lived up to its promise. For every thing I cross of my to-do list, I feel like I'm adding two for tomorrow (which might be less exciting if it continues....forever), but in nearly two weeks, I've still yet to look at the clock once and will it to go faster. I'm taking that as a good sign.

Next task to tackle is how to get that productivity going outside the workplace, because I started watching The West Wing for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I literally want to do nothing else when I get home.


Working Girl

Guess who starts her first big-girl job on Monday?!
I've been waiting to announce it for a while, but have been biding my time meanwhile trying to figure out the perfect first day outfit (because, priorities), creating all sorts of contingency plans for anything that could possibly go wrong, and not thinking about how I no longer get any breaks unless I plan them. Also, somehow I've made it this long without owning an iron, which I'm thinking probably needs to be rectified. But do I get an iron or one of those fancy steamers? (#firstworldproblems)
I really enjoy these and already have a khaki skirt, but there's the constant nagging worry that I'll look like a schlump because of my figure and height. Also, sorry, random girl, for putting your picture on my blog. As I've never had the need for them previously, I have a distinct lack of "work staples" in my closet, but I'm trying to focus on just first day for now, because I'm not too sure on what the work culture is like re:clothes, and will probably have to adjust accordingly.
I don't know when I got so modest, but I have been in the market for some really good below-the-knee, slightly-flared/A-line skirts for months! They are a little problematic to wear in the winter, which is a bit of a downside (unless anyone has tips for that), but otherwise, I would be all up on this outfit. It looks so comfy!
And finally, I guess I have to get some pants and probably some blazers. I love this color, and love the cropped pants trend, but am not excited about trying to find things that I don't have to have tailored.

What are your work staples? Where do I find them where my poor, broke ass doesn't have to shell out an arm and a leg? Help, I want to dress like Blair Waldorf!


Back to School

I am reading. Hooray! Perhaps it's something about not being in school and having required reading, but my brain seems perfectly capable of accommodating leisure reading again (thank goodness, because I was seriously worried for a while there). I've been reading old favorites, like Battle Royale, Howl's Moving Castle, various Agatha Christie, and just for the hell of it, I cracked open my stats book yesterday (can you tell I kind of miss school?).
Speaking of school, this is the first time in my whole life that fall hasn't meant going back to school. It's weird. I've been summer binging Gilmore Girls and somehow, this is the same feeling I got when Rory took time off of Yale. It just doesn't feel right. It's scary and weird and who knows if this is it, and I just don't go back. I know it's normal and one really can't just be in school forever, but somehow, that hasn't felt very comforting.
Someone commented to me recently that August is like the Sunday of the year, and that seems like a perfect description. How is it possible that it's almost over?? I'm in a full-fledged end-of-summer Sunday-slump about the inevitable cold. This summer went by insanely fast. Maybe I will get a cat for coping and winter cuddles and re-reading Harry Potter.
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