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Recently, one of the postdocs in my lab moved to New York. And since this move, he's slowly been sharing pictures of the beautiful city. Now, as many places as I've been, I've yet to see New York. Shocking, right? Can one even consider me an American? I've never even had the chance to land at JFK or LaGuardia on one of my other trips! That being said, I didn't have a huge desire to go to NYC until I started watching Gossip Girl and that just didn't seem to be the right reason to want to go there. Now, though, his pictures and stories have me perusing airline websites for the best deals. Oh, how fun it would be to:

See the skyline from the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge,

Pretend to be Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle at the top of the Empire State Building,

Soak up the grandeur and elegance of the Met,

Get some delicious coffee and other New York-specific eats,

People watch in the Upper East Side and spot some real-life Blair Waldorfs,

Stroll around the peaceful and serene Central Park,

Find a cool and cozy bar or club to unwind in for the night,

See a show on Broadway...

...and so so much more. I now have a list nearly a full page long of things I want to see or do while in New York. Given this list, my vacation there is looking like it's going to need to be a full month long. Sigh.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. don't worry...i've never been to new york either. it seems like such a classy and beautiful city, so full of life. i hope you get the chance to go someday! my friend has been every summer and she is always telling me how amazing it is.

    p.s, gossip girl is one of the best shows ever! i usually watch it for the fashion. :)

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  2. Are you planning on applying to any of the NYC schools? That's a great, if slightly inconvenient, way to see the city! I know a couple people who interviewed at all of the NYC schools and got to see a different Broadway show each time. Crazy stuff, interviews.

  3. I was born in Brooklyn, but I don't remember much. My mom says there were lots of cockroaches in their apartment building. I'm still not sure if that was because NY apts have lots of bugs, or if maybe my parents should have cleaned up a wee bit more!

  4. Btw, the title of your post is perfect!


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