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Tuesday Tunes!

I have been so good about these posts since I started (unlike Lust Lists), but seriously, I've been so into music of all kinds lately, that it's too much not to share!

1."Look What You've Done" - JET
2."Iridescent" - Linkin Park
3."Hey Brown Eyes" - Hema
4."Hasa Diga Eebowai" - Original Cast of The Book of Mormon
5."Sing Sing Sing (With A Swing)" - Louis Prima

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

Maybe this is a cop-out, content-less first post after a hiatus, but I think this is important. I want to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day! Today isn't just about having no class/work, taking advantage of amazing sales, or watching specials all day on TV, it's about soldiers. It's about the ones who've died to protect our freedom, and I think, whether you believe in the justification of war or not, the people who die to ensure that we live safely, they are really heroes and they deserve a moment of our thoughts. So, this memorial day, I urge you to take a minute and think about them, regardless of whether you know anyone who's died in war, think of them and commend their bravery.

Swing, Swing, Swing, Swing!

Doing domestic things.

Excuse the fact that I look a little crazy in all these. Errbody in the 60s was on psych meds.

This is a few weeks old, but it was inspired by this outfit worn by Helen Bishop in Season 1 of Mad Men. Now, I love 60s style and just the whole domesticity of women's clothing around that time, and I love the billowing skirts and soda-pop dresses, but something about Helen's outfit in this episode was so progressive. It had divorcée written all over it like that was the worst possible thing this woman could have done: become independent. It was defiant and I loved it. Pretty simple pieces, but cool nonetheless, and what better excuse to do my make-up all cool?

I'm visiting my parents this weekend, because my little brother is graduating high school! So, if I'm AWOL for a little bit (I'm going to try to not be!), that's probably why.

Tuesday Tunes: Gaga Edition!

In honor of Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, being released yesterday, today's Tuesday Tunes has a theme! So, here's to one of the most badass, crazy pop women of all time (right up there with Britney and Madonna, in my opinion)! Here are my Lady Gaga favorites!

1."No Floods"
2."Speechless/Your Song" ft. Elton John
3."Boys Boys Boys"
5."Brown Eyes"
6."Money Honey"

I'm still getting used to the new album, so I won't make any judgments at this time, but there are songs off it I definitely really like, and even "Born This Way" is growing on me since Glee did it.* In way of some explanation, I think the songs I like most of hers are the ones that really showcase what a great voice and/or imagination she has, which she really does. People often don't give her enough credit, saying she's just vying for attention and is lacking in any lyrical sense. I think she meticulously contemplates every action, every lyric, every outfit, because regardless of the quality, the woman knows how to get. your. attention. and that is half the business of fame, a concept I think she explores really well. Anyway, that's my Gaga appreciation rant, so enjoy! Especially listen to the first two, even if you hate her guts!

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*Damn Glee always makes me like songs I previously didn't. Even effing "Friday" is starting to grow on me. Ugh.

So Long, Farewell

My lovely roomie and Cali BFF, Loni, is leaving tomorrow.

Azuero, Panama

She's going home for a bit and then heading off to Azuero, Panama for what feels like a million years, even though it's really only a couple months. She's in this program called Amigos de las Americas kind of similar to Project RISHI, but WAYYYY bigger and more legit and in Central America. She's a Senior Project Supervisor, which might mean nothing to you all, but from what I hear it seems like a huge deal and she's going to have a ton of responsibilities and stuff, so I don't even know how much time we'll get to Skype and stuff (especially with me also leaving the country come summer).

Basically, since she's going to be an RA next year, today is the last day we'll be roommates. I like to think we've come a long way since freshman year, and I think of her as a sister (except her and her sister argue WAY more haha). I won't ever think of college without thinking of her and all the fun times we've had. Point being, L, I'm going to miss you a LOT and you've been the best roomie anyone could ask for. Have SO much fun in Panama and I can't wait to hear ALL your stories and sleep on your couch for the entirety of next year!!

Little baby freshies. Like...two days after we'd met.

She's going to kill me for posting this...

...but here's one with me making a dumb face to make up for it.

Adventures sophomore year!

Fancy schmancy!

Home with me in Phoenix!

Inside joke: "Do you really think a dime is sufficient compensation for ripping off its reproductive organs?!"

Indian clothes dress-up! Doesn't she look cute? Haha.

A ladybug and a lion/bear.

Gonna miss you, dude. ♥

For The Fans

I listened to all your suggestions from Tuesday Tunes and they were AWESOME. To put them in a lame pun, music to my ears. You guys, followers and somewhat regular other commenters, make my day. Call me an attention whore, but there are just some days when I'm kind of desperately seeking validation from that little (2) in my email inbox telling me I have two responses. And when they come, there is nothing more satisfying than reading all of your sweet comments. So, I just want to take today to say, THANKS! I've loved blogging this past year and a half or so, and I've loved getting to know, being insanely inspired by, and reveling in mutual interests with all of you gals (and guys). Thanks for sticking with me, and here's to many many more days of Tuesday Tunes, outfits, spazzy fangirling posts, Lust Lists, life updates, and general blogging tomfoolery!

Tuesday Tunes!

First off, thanks for the birthday wishes from the last post! I had a great time yesterday! My lovely roomie and her sister made me an awesome cake with their mad frosting skills, haha. And we had girls night! I might have fallen promptly asleep during No Strings Attached, but really the movie was kind of weird and I was a little confused anyway. But without further ado, Tuesday Tunes! This week (with the album coming out on Friday) has been a distinctly GAGA week, but I tried to include some of the mellower tunes I've been listening to as well. Perfect, since it's raining today.

1."The Edge of Glory" - Lady Gaga
2."Hair" - Lady Gaga
3."When You Find Me" - Joshua Radin ft. Maria Taylor
4."Set Fire to the Third Bar" - Snow Patrol
5."1983" - Neon Trees

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I was going to do a real post today, but then I got busy doing other things because,

It's My Birthday!

Birthdays are a big deal to me, because I'm kind of a youngin' (compared to my friends), but this one has been sort of weird because I just kind of feel like I've gotten old. Plus, I had a lab report due today that sucked my soul out. BUT, this sweet gal over on tumblr made me this cute little Darren Criss birthday post!! And I felt instantly like a thousand times better because....well, it's almost Darren Criss singing happy birthday to me. And now I'm going to have some quality girls night time with some delicious pasta, wine, and a Redbox movie. This birthday has ended on a much better note than it started. Yay!

Going Separate Ways

I'm not usually into celebrity news (Glee excluded), and one might even see fit to call me "behind the times" on why it's such a big freaking deal what every celebrity ever is doing in their lives, but this news really made me sad. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have announced a divorce.

She's a beauty, not to mention a strong, successful woman, and well, he was the Governator! Granted, he made some terrible governing decisions, but that aside, they were my absolute favorite power couple for a long time. I remember, a while back, I'd read some of her books, and while the advice was sometimes cliche, they were nonetheless interesting and upbeat and told her story beautifully. I'd watch interviews and documentaries on her with my mom (also a big fan), and her experience as a Kennedy and what the name means to her is really striking. And then, of course, there's "Ah-nold." I mean, maybe he screwed California, but really, the guy's kind of awesome. Or used to be. I think maybe politics sucks the life out of you. Maybe he'll be back.*

All in all, after 25 years of marriage, and some truly good times (from what it looks like), it makes me really sad to see them split. I think I would feel this same kind of loss if say, a distant aunt and uncle got divorced. Kind of a damper on my outlook on eternal love and marriage and stuff. Guess I'll just have to hope for the best with Klaine.

*Excuse my lame attempts at humor. I had an exam today.

Tuesday Tunes!

This Friday, my campus is hosting a big music fest called the Sun God Festival. I'm iffy about the lineup this year (other than Jimmy Eat World, who is going to be awesome!!) so, in preparation, I've been listening to a crazy amount of new/old music from the artists that are going to be there! Check 'em out!

1."Black and Yellow" - Wiz Khalifa
2."Vanished" - Crystal Castles
3."Bow Chicka Wow Wow" - Mike Posner
4."When I'm With You" - Best Coast
5."Four Chord Song" - Axis of Awesome

Enjoy and Share Your Faves for the Week!

Lust List Monday: Hats Edition

As it's getting sunnier (mostly), I increasingly desire to wear my hair in a pony tail or braids and peruse hats on the internet. Also, did you guys see the crazy Royal Wedding hats?! Who wouldn't want to buy hats after that?! These are just a few I've encountered that I really like.

Black Co. Cashmere Beret

Wide-Brimmed Floppy Hat from Debenhams

Misaharada by Barneys

KOKIN Spotted Bow Hat by Jules

Let's be honest, I don't even know what I'd wear them with seeing as my wardrobe has a disproportionately large number of t-shirts, but, nonetheless, I always could do with more hats!

Happy Mother's Day!

One of my favorite memories of my mom is her reading to me when I was little. She'd tuck me in all warm and comfy and then she'd read me a story. And then, if I still wasn't asleep she'd turn off the light, pat my back lightly, and whisper little shloks (short prayers) until my little eyes had closed and my breathing evened.

Of the stories we read, one of my favorites was always this one. I mean, everyone knows the famous main verse. But when we got to the part about the little boy's sick mommy, I'd always stop my mom and let me read the part where he sings to her. By the time I could actually read it, I basically had this book memorized. So, to my mommy, who I can't be with today,

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My mommy you'll be."

May The Fourth

Today is an awesome day! Let me address the reasons in an orderly fashion. Trust me, there's something for everyone.

Today is the birthday of one of the most inspirational women of all time, Miss Audrey Hepburn. Always a proponent of keeping it cool and working and playing hard, this lovely lady is going to be my inspiration to make it through this month.

Today is also my brother's birthday! The little doofus is all legal and grown up! Oh, no wait, he's still a brat for calling me ten times last week and reminding me it was his birthday today and giving me 100 separate "ideas" for presents. But, I guess some things never change. I'm gonna miss the kiddo when he's off at college next year. No more coming home to wise-ass threats of "I turned your room into a billiards lounge" What will I do? Le sigh.

Let me geek out for a second because today is Star Wars Day! You will see me quoting and citing probably all day, and most likely watching one of them tonight! Seriously, minus four hours of lab, this is gonna be the best day ever! May The 4th Be With You!

Tuesday Tunes

Well, it's that time again! Everyone has finals except me. Soon, there will be fewer complaints and more "It's a beautiful summer day and I am going to enjoy it!" posts while I die in a corner buried under a pile of finals work I didn't realize I had because I was going into summer mode like everyone else. Till then, new music, though!

1."Under the Cover of Darkness" - The Strokes
2."Solitude is Bliss" - Tame Impala
3."Louder Than Ever" - Cold War Kids
4."Beauty" - Original Cast of Starship
5."I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" - Black Kids

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