Lust List Monday: Hats Edition

As it's getting sunnier (mostly), I increasingly desire to wear my hair in a pony tail or braids and peruse hats on the internet. Also, did you guys see the crazy Royal Wedding hats?! Who wouldn't want to buy hats after that?! These are just a few I've encountered that I really like.

Black Co. Cashmere Beret

Wide-Brimmed Floppy Hat from Debenhams

Misaharada by Barneys

KOKIN Spotted Bow Hat by Jules

Let's be honest, I don't even know what I'd wear them with seeing as my wardrobe has a disproportionately large number of t-shirts, but, nonetheless, I always could do with more hats!


  1. I adore hats and that bow one is my favorite

  2. I love the wide brimmed hat. Whenever I'm in Florida I wear a hat pretty much the entire time I'm in the sun- I don't want wrinkles. So- summer time+beach= reason to get a hat!


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