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Thug Kitchen

You need to visit this website:
Warning: NSFW for Language

I will definitely be getting some of these fruits and vegetables on my grocery trip today. I just couldn't stop reading for like 5 pages. Discovering this made my day, and I hope it makes yours! Happy Friday!

Real Madness

I have been benched, for lack of a better word (and pun totally intended), the last few days as my cold turned into an ear infection and nothing felt better than just lying in bed getting in some good tv time with a little soup. Of course, I watched my traditional I Love Lucy and might have watched all the episodes of The Mindy Project (which by the way, I love), but nothing has been more exciting than March Madness!!

I love basketball, but it's way more fun to watch college ball when your school is in it, I swear. And this tournament has been nuts so far! Crazy upsets all over the place! Harvard? What the hell?! Gonzaga?! And I'm watching Indiana struggle as I write this post! WTF. The Big Dance ain't never been so nuts! Let's not even talk about how badly screwed my bracket is at this point.

I should probably be catching up on all the work I haven't done all week, but instead I'm going to watch the UNC-Kansas game and hope that this crazy upset madness means that UNC will win! Go Heels!

Edit: I refuse to hear about the game. At least there's still Duke to root against.

Bow Ties and Cumberbunds

Did my nails for spring break cause I'm a classy broad.
Nothing says chic and suave like partying in Indiana, amirite?
I promise I will eventually update you about spring break f'real, when I'm not drugged up on Nyquil and Benadryl, and backlogged on homework.

Back From Death

First off, I just want to say thank again to those of you who donated based on my last post. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Now, I want to tell you a little story. In my EMT class, we've been learning about how to manage cardiac arrest and recently just read an article on the innovations in prolonged CPR and induced hypothermia as ways to keep someone from dying.

In our last class, my instructor invited a couple in to talk to us, of which the man had survived being clinically dead for about 9-10 minutes after a major heart attack. I'm going to call them Lena and Jim. Jim said he really remembered nothing after passing out at the gym, till about 2 weeks after he'd been brought home from the hospital. Lena's story (and courage), were really something to be proud of. She said that the trainers at the gym had immediately begun CPR, which likely saved his life. When he was awake in the hospital though, after surgery, he had lost his short term memory almost completely. Lena's brother was there, and she recalled every time Jim would see him, he'd call out, "John! Where you been, man? I haven't seen you in forever!" even if John had been there all day, and just crossed the room into Jim's field of vision. She said there weren't a lot of times during this experience that were very amusing, but I'm going to tell you two that I thought were the most poignant.

In the hospital, Lena and her daughter would sit on either side of his bed, and make sure he ate everything off his food tray. Once, it went like this: 
Daughter: What'd they give you to drink today, dad?
Jim: [takes a sniff and a sip] Blech, sweetened iced tea. [puts it back down]
[3 minutes later]
Daughter: What'd they give you to drink today, dad?
Jim: [takes a sniff and a sip] Blech, sweetened iced tea. [puts it back down]
[3 minutes later]
Daughter: What'd they give you to drink today, dad?
Jim: [picks it up and looks in the cup] I don't know, but I ain't having any! Someone's been drinking it!

The second was when Jim had already come home from the hospital. This one's a little PG-13, but also kind of adorable. Jim didn't start to remember anything long-term until about 2 weeks after his hospital release, so almost 2 months after the attack. During this time, Lena was desperate, in her words, "to get her Jim back" and tried a number of games and tricks to get him to remember anything. One of these games was called Word of the Hour, in which she'd pick a really easy word (e.g. clock or book) and try to get Jim to remember it for 30 min-1 hr. This had been going on mostly unsuccessfully for about a week and a half. One day, she got frustrated, turned around to Jim, lifted up her shirt, and yelled, "Boobs! That's the word of the hour, Jim! Can you at least remember that?! Boobs!" And whaddya know, an hour later, Jim had remembered his first Word of the Hour. From that point he began to get better and better.

Jim and Lena both mentioned to us that the event significantly improved their outlook on life, and that they pay much more attention to their health now. I think it was really an important reminder to me to not take my time and my loved ones for granted. I've got this schedule right now in which I'm seriously over-committed, but it was a reminder to call my parents more often (or at least email them), to tell friends I haven't seen in a while how much I appreciate them, and to pay more attention to how I treat my body. I love hearing things like this, because not only are they moving and beautiful in their own regard, but I don't know about you guys, but I definitely need that kick in the pants sometimes to stop being lazy and un-awesome. I'm sure impressed if you read all that, and hope it inspired you to live a little better.
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