Real Madness

I have been benched, for lack of a better word (and pun totally intended), the last few days as my cold turned into an ear infection and nothing felt better than just lying in bed getting in some good tv time with a little soup. Of course, I watched my traditional I Love Lucy and might have watched all the episodes of The Mindy Project (which by the way, I love), but nothing has been more exciting than March Madness!!

I love basketball, but it's way more fun to watch college ball when your school is in it, I swear. And this tournament has been nuts so far! Crazy upsets all over the place! Harvard? What the hell?! Gonzaga?! And I'm watching Indiana struggle as I write this post! WTF. The Big Dance ain't never been so nuts! Let's not even talk about how badly screwed my bracket is at this point.

I should probably be catching up on all the work I haven't done all week, but instead I'm going to watch the UNC-Kansas game and hope that this crazy upset madness means that UNC will win! Go Heels!

Edit: I refuse to hear about the game. At least there's still Duke to root against.


  1. I am so behind on all the March Madness and basketball in general. But it is exciting seeing your school's team in the game!

  2. I hope you are feeling better. UK didn't make it to the NCAA so March Madness just isn't the same for me.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. I hope you feel better! I had a sinus infection before and my head never hurt so bad - get plenty of rest!


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