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It's Time For Some College Ball!!

Now that I'm finally in a place big name basketball teams and a lot of good spirit, I'm super excited for college basketball to start! The two biggest conferences face off tonight and tomorrow to in a huge challenge before season kick-off in January. Carolina vs. Indiana, Duke vs. Ohio State, Georgia Tech vs. Illinois, Purdue vs. Clemson. These two nights should be good! Now if only I could finish 2 projects, a paper, a take-home test, prepare for a presentation, and finish a critique all due this week before then so I could watch in peace.


Tuesday Tunes!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! My friend is visiting which I'm very thankful for since I won't be able to go home. Enjoy your turkey and friends and family and find something to be thankful for!
1. "Surrender" - Angels & Airwaves
2. "Jump Into The Fog" - The Wombats
3. "It's Time" - Imagine Dragons
4. "That Girl" - Noisettes
5. "California's Burning" - Augustana

She's a Runner, Rebel and a Stunner

Dress: Forever 21; Tights: Target; Belt: Charlotte Russe
Let me tell you all a crazy story from this weekend. Well...more complaining than really crazy, but bear with me. It was homecoming weekend here, so there was a lot of traffic, and I knew it was going to be like that, but a few friends and I had plans to go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the mall. Now, this mall is fairly out of the way of campus, so I thought it wouldn't be so bad, but boy was I wrong. It took me 30 minutes to find parking, making us late for the movie, then we discovered the credit card system was down and their ATMs were all out of cash, so we didn't even get to see the movie. Then we had to wait for an hour for our table, so we walked around a little bit. That mall was probably the most crowded mall I have ever seen in my life. It was like...Black Friday crowded. Dinner, thankfully was prompt and delicious, so that saved what was otherwise a really miserable evening.

The Book Thief

You have to read this book. No, seriously, read it. Without giving too much away, it's a beautifully narrated tale about an adopted German girl in World War II. The coolest thing about this story, I thought, was the unique and interesting way the narrative is set up. The story is narrated third-person by Death, as an observer of Liesel (the main character) Hubermann's life, and the straight narrative is sprinkled with little excerpts from relevant books, facts, quotes, etc. that "illustrate" the story and make it truly endearing. Also, I love books about books and words and the power of words (ex. The Phantom Tollbooth, Fahrenheit 451, etc.) so that made this read all the more enjoyable. Honestly, I think this is making my favorite books of all time, but I'll decide in a couple more readings. On to The Once and Future King!



Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

That is all.

Unrelated side-note: Those of you who guessed Carmen Sandiego on the last post were spot on!  Way to go!


Chapel Hill, NC has one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the country, so you can imagine my excitement that I got to go! The costumes were insane and creative and cool and it was a great experience with great friends!
Last year people came from all over and there were about 30,000 people at this thing! Not sure about this year, but it certainly seemed like there were about that many or more. I don't have much more to share, except this awesome photo with my new best friend, the Doctor:

Take a guess on who I was!
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