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Getting Around to Goals

This new year felt different than years past. Maybe it was because I went right back to work the next day, but I barely had the time or desire to be introspective. The resolutions seemed unnecessary, because it didn't feel like anything had changed. Also, I don't think I made any resolutions at the beginning of last year, so I didn't have anything to measure up to. I learned a while back about SMART Goals, but always thought the method seemed a bit gimmicky. However, as someone who makes lists more often than she makes meals and firmly believes list-making is the key to getting shit done, I thought I'd give it a try. I won't post all the gory details I went into in the three hours it took me to hash these out, but here are my 2015 goals.
1. Improve finances. Save 20% of income each month. Learn about investing and start a portfolio with a small amount of money. Look into Roth IRAs.
2. Improve skin. I've been blessed with the dreaded combination oily/dry acne-prone skin (yeah...still...) and have never really managed to get it under control probably because I have been a lazy bum my whole life about getting into good skin habits. Goals: Less picking/nervous face-touching. Find a dermatologist. Get into the habit of moisturizing daily. Wash your damn make-up off every night.
3. Get healthier. I know that doing even just a tiny bit each day leaves me feeling less stressed out. Develop a routine (even for weekends). Buy at least one vegetable you don't usually eat per grocery trip and figure out a delicious recipe to prepare it. Take at least one dance class this year (see #1 to save up for it).
4. Make two new non-work friends. This sounds so sad, but I have no idea where or how to meet people in a new place.
5. Volunteer locally. I always have and it feels weird not to be volunteering in the community. Also, it's pretty likely this would help with #4.

Also, I am looking for your best resources on achieving these goals, so if you have apps, spreadsheets, advice/finance/skin blogs, peer-reviewed favorites or anything else that are your go-to on these subjects, then please do pass them along! Goodness knows I'm going to need all the help I can get.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Did any of you read these books when you were younger? A Series of Unfortunate Events used to be one of my favorite series, but sadly before I could get to the end (pun definitely intended), too much time had passed between the releases and I found that I had lost interest just enough that I didn't finish them.

Just before the holidays, however, I found out that a work friend had the complete set, and couldn't pass up the chance to re-read and finally finish this beloved series. There are definitely some aspects of the style that I find mildly annoying as an adult and the font size seems comically large, but more or less, re-reading them has been as charming and pleasant as I remembered; overall, a wonderful experience (contrary to what the author tells you at the beginning of each book). And hey, now, even if I don't read another book all year, I can still truthfully say I read ten books this year!

Do you have books you go back and revisit?
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