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Final Four

I cannot figure out where the time's been going. I did a little "what have I done lately that I can post on the blog?" mental excursion and came up with "Aha! March Madness!" Then I actually looked it up and oh boy, that was three weeks ago. Well, I hope you'll bear with me anyway. I will admit that not having cable means not following basketball as closely as I'd like, but I'm still a staunch UNC fan. Once they were out of the tournament, I started doing what any good UNC fan would do and rooting for any team playing Duke. That...didn't go well.
I happen to work right near where the major Final Four activities were occurring and this beautiful thing went up about a week before the games.
To appreciate the size of this Marriott, you unfortunately kind of had to be there, but check out the teeny tiny cars in the parking lot! I was so enamored with this majestic site that it almost made me forget about my poor, destroyed bracket.
As part of the Final Four festivities they have a little music festival, where this cool Ferris wheel was housed. We didn't get a chance to go on it, but it was a pretty sight all the same.
And last, but almost certainly best, was the music itself. This brilliant light show is courtesy of Imagine Dragons, who put on an amazing show, despite that it was cold, rainy, and windy the evening of the concert. I came home with muddy boots and the kind of clarity that only comes from commiserating with strangers at concerts and went to bed so content.....until Wisconsin broke my heart a few short days later.
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