It's Time For Some College Ball!!

Now that I'm finally in a place big name basketball teams and a lot of good spirit, I'm super excited for college basketball to start! The two biggest conferences face off tonight and tomorrow to in a huge challenge before season kick-off in January. Carolina vs. Indiana, Duke vs. Ohio State, Georgia Tech vs. Illinois, Purdue vs. Clemson. These two nights should be good! Now if only I could finish 2 projects, a paper, a take-home test, prepare for a presentation, and finish a critique all due this week before then so I could watch in peace.



  1. you're not busy at all. i'm just kidding. i'm getting tired just thinking of all you have to do. you'll accomplish it though, cause mugdha is a go getter! have fun. ;)

  2. I do not really keep up with college basketball, except for UK. I love my University of Kentucky Wildcats. But it is kind of hard to be from Kentucky and love UK basketball.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. College basketball is def more entertaining than the pros - those guys play with some heart!

  4. my families more into college football but my brother watches basketball from time to time. :D



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