Swing, Swing, Swing, Swing!

Doing domestic things.

Excuse the fact that I look a little crazy in all these. Errbody in the 60s was on psych meds.

This is a few weeks old, but it was inspired by this outfit worn by Helen Bishop in Season 1 of Mad Men. Now, I love 60s style and just the whole domesticity of women's clothing around that time, and I love the billowing skirts and soda-pop dresses, but something about Helen's outfit in this episode was so progressive. It had divorcée written all over it like that was the worst possible thing this woman could have done: become independent. It was defiant and I loved it. Pretty simple pieces, but cool nonetheless, and what better excuse to do my make-up all cool?

I'm visiting my parents this weekend, because my little brother is graduating high school! So, if I'm AWOL for a little bit (I'm going to try to not be!), that's probably why.


  1. your caption under the second picture is hilarious! i absolutely love this post. not too long ago, i was just thinking about how cool it is how fashion recycles itself every few decades. :)


  2. Oh man I loooove 60's fashion. I wish full skirts were still in vogue. I'd wear them every day. With pearls.

    I hope high school graduation is fun. Although I know it will probably take about fifteen years to read all those names off. By the time you're done, he'll be graduating from college. Then you'll have to sit through that too.



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