Tuesday Tunes: Gaga Edition!

In honor of Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, being released yesterday, today's Tuesday Tunes has a theme! So, here's to one of the most badass, crazy pop women of all time (right up there with Britney and Madonna, in my opinion)! Here are my Lady Gaga favorites!

1."No Floods"
2."Speechless/Your Song" ft. Elton John
3."Boys Boys Boys"
5."Brown Eyes"
6."Money Honey"

I'm still getting used to the new album, so I won't make any judgments at this time, but there are songs off it I definitely really like, and even "Born This Way" is growing on me since Glee did it.* In way of some explanation, I think the songs I like most of hers are the ones that really showcase what a great voice and/or imagination she has, which she really does. People often don't give her enough credit, saying she's just vying for attention and is lacking in any lyrical sense. I think she meticulously contemplates every action, every lyric, every outfit, because regardless of the quality, the woman knows how to get. your. attention. and that is half the business of fame, a concept I think she explores really well. Anyway, that's my Gaga appreciation rant, so enjoy! Especially listen to the first two, even if you hate her guts!

Share Your Favorites!

*Damn Glee always makes me like songs I previously didn't. Even effing "Friday" is starting to grow on me. Ugh.


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