Lust List Monday: Shark Week!

Yesterday marked the commencement of one of the best specials ever to grace the silver screen. Better than Twilight Zone marathons and (dare I say it?) better even than the '25 Days of Christmas' movie specials. This is it.

Shark Week

I mean, really, who doesn't enjoy frequent use of the word "chumming" (which you'd basically never hear otherwise, but is amusing nonetheless), countless close-ups of upward-closing eyelids, and the beautiful-but-deadly grace and power of the infamous Great White? I am in Chondrichthyesial heaven. You will find me glued to my television and probably not packing much over this next week (bad!). Thus, this week's Lust List is shark themed!

People would certainly not mess with you while wearing this!

Cute, right?

Seriously, how adorable?

I think my heart stopped when I saw these. WANT.

Happy Shark Week!


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