Hello. Today, I venture into the world of blogging. Mind you, I certainly went through the angsty livejournal/xanga phase, but I have recently found the need for a more practical outlet for my musings where my audience might be absent, but my ideas are appropriate to the image. Livejournal's image seems to end at extremely personal posts and very private communities that may or may not allow dubious acquisition of copyrighted material. Blogspot seems to have earned a reputation as a more worldly amalgamation of ideas, which is perfect because I am full of them. Good, bad, ridiculous, what have you. Also, I want to improve my writing. College is just not challenging that side enough. Not that I'm totally averse to only being assigned one or two essays a quarter, but I am fairly certain I wrote a better essay in junior year of high school than I do now, and that regression irks me. Ta.


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