New Approach

I began this blog as a way to more meaningfully express myself. I wanted to improve my writing and learn to speak more eloquently and with brevity. I had experimented with other online journals, but never felt I could achieve the same level of intellectual expressivity as I could on a blog. I didn't want to only post when I was upset or lonely or feeling less zen than a cow giving birth, and I didn't want to have long gaps between posts (we're talking months). I also wanted to be posting something I thought was meaningful.

These goals have been somewhat elusive. I still tend to post spur-of-the-moment with no plan to go off of (I plan blog posts all day in my head and then when it comes time to write, I can't seem to think of anything). In the past, this has resulted in posts such as this gem:
"And I'm really glad that the bad parts of this week are over-ish. I've got no idea what we're doing in math since missed a day and almost fell asleep in math today, well...yesterday and have no idea what the hell we're learning right now."

Frivolous, boring, disorganized, and somewhat shameful to re-read several years later. What a valuable memory, my mathematical apathy, right? So, I switched gears. I posted things about TV, fashion, little life stories, medical aspirations, etc. But now, even that (especially when thrown together on the spot) seems frivolous. Will I care in several years what Urban leather jacket I was lusting after in 2010? I doubt it. Honestly, I can't even remember what I was lusting over at the mall yesterday. That being said, I like the Lust List (and will continue it), but I've decided to take a more organized approach to blogging.

I've begun writing my entries in a notebook before I make them, planning and editing as is necessary. I can't guarantee that this will make my posts suddenly brilliant like mimismartypants or The Everywhereist or bright and beautiful like A Diary of Lovely or even informative like The Journey to an MD...And Beyond or Mikey's Rain City Blog (all of with which I have an ongoing love affair). Hopefully, though, they'll be more substantial, or at least better organized. I hope this is reflected in future posts and I welcome (read: get on my knees and beg for) further information on how to solve this "blogsistential crisis."


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