Au Revoir!

For the next five weeks, I will be in India having an adventure! I'll have my computer, so I am going to try and post about my travels, but obviously, no guarantees. I rather wanted to have a totally electronics-free, connecting-with-nature, finding-myself style trip, but alas, I cannot part with my darling Macbook. Sad, I know. I am, however, not going to miss out on amazing things because of this baby. I'll be spending three weeks in rural (read: in the middle of the jungle) leprosy colonies doing sustainable community projects and volunteering in a hospital, and the remaining two visiting family. See you back September 16th!


  1. Have fun! I can't part with my Macbook either :-p

    I found out the other day that Harborview Medical Center here in Seattle has one of only ten leprosy clinics in the US! There's a lot of stigma around leprosy (similar to HIV stigma) where, from a clinical pharmacist's standpoint, keeping patients on their medication regimen is difficult because they kind of resign themselves to "well if I'm not constantly taking the meds, I don't have it". Can't wait to see/hear about your adventure


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