Three guesses who we were!

Halloween was awesome this year! I sewed my entire costume....like from yards of fabric (a first for me), so that was pretty legit (even if the sewing was actually...rather poor). A number of people actually recognized who I was, so that was another plus. And I got to costume/people watch at one of the biggest Halloween festivals in the US. Favorites included Venom from Spiderman, a girl dressed as Gru and a bunch of male Minions, and counterfactuals! Did you see any cool costumes this year?


  1. You sewed your own costume? That's awesome talent, girl!

  2. This is awesome! ...And interesting pairing. But I guess he wasn't going to be Aang?

    7% Solution

  3. Nice costumes! I couldn't guess what you guys were dressed up as at first, but then G pointed out it was characters from Avatar, the Last Air Bender. :D

    One of my friends dressed up as Jess Day from New Girl, and a few other people and I dressed up as Target employees. Haha. Glad to hear you had a good Halloween!



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