Sunday Brunch

Bright morning light,
Crisp cool air,
Just a little more lazy left.

There is nothing more divine and appropriate, in my opinion, than Sunday brunch. A giant meal on a morning where the weekend still feels like the weekend, but slowly fading and a little too fleeting. A couple more hours and then you have to do all that work you said you were going to do over the weekend but procrastinated until Sunday night. I love it. Dressed up or dressed down, dive-y diner or classy restaurant, whatever it is, give it to me. And put some bacon on the side.

Brunch on!


  1. All of this food looks so delicious. My favorite brunch food is french toast. I have been wanting to host a brunch for friends but just haven't had the time to yet.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. drooling....and i dont' even eat bacon... but still drooling...

  3. no doubt! i so wish i wasn't allergic to eggs.

  4. Yuuuum! I used to never like breakfast-y type foods... but you just gave me a whole new definition for the word brunch.



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