Lust List Monday: Pleats

I'm sure anyone that's been paying attention has noticed the sudden upsurge in the pleated trend, and I'm no exception. They're just so classy and they make your figure look awesome and curvy and you can belt them! What's not to like?!

Basically, this is me.

From Adore Vintage

Shoshanna Pleated Dress from Lord and Taylor

From Adore Vintage

Structured Skater Dress from TopShop

Belted Chiffon Dress by Alexander McQueen

Now if you'll excuse me while I spend the rest of my day drooling unattractively over these finds and wishing for a magic deposit in my bank account. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I cannot get enough of pleats. On the top of my spring wish list is a pleated skirt in a soft pastel color.

  2. That topshop skater dress is beautiful!

  3. I love the pleated skirts and dresses! Lately I've been trying to get into bright girly pieces after my friend told me at school that I looked boring and emo in black jeans and a converse t-shirt. I like the yellow belted chiffon dress and the Blue Adore Vintage dress.


  4. you're so cute. that blue dress is my fave. what you said about the magic bank account & drooling is funny. ;)

  5. i'm so with you....i'm such a sucker for pleats.. love love love them!!


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