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I've mentioned before an organization I work with called Project RISHI. Our projects got accepted to the Clinton Global Initiative University conference last year and this year. There are many chapters across the US, and I've been involved with ours since its inception. I'm really invested in this organization and I'm excited to say I'm going to be Director of Initiatives at the national level for the next year! So, with that said, I would really really really appreciate it if you would check out our Facebook Page by clicking on the above picture and liking us! If you're interested in learning more check out the website and/or email me!


  1. Done and done! Congratulations on your new position!


    P.S., Thank you so much for you sweet comment! I missed everyone here on Blogger while I was gone... a lot! It feels good to be back! I'm glad we can both relate, in that we were both able to get out of our bad situations. :)

  2. WOW congrats on this awesome new role!

    I was actually working in Milan... I was taking classes online through my college in the US, but they didn't know I was gone until half way through the semester :) Ha!

  3. Ahhh. You're doing so much with your life!

  4. I will definitely jump over to check out the website. Headed there now!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. wow! How friggin awesome! National Director of Initiatives...get you! Congrats!! :-) I've like your page (KiranT) and am already kinda curious about what your org has been upto. hey arent you going to India yourself soon?


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