CGIU: Take 2

Some of you guys who were around last year might remember this post I made about the Clinton Global Initiative University conference. This upcoming weekend, I'll be going again and it's going to be in Washington, D.C. this time, so that should be FUN x 3!!

The Clinton Global Initiative is a project started by Bill Clinton that organizes groups to help build innovative solutions to problems in public health, human rights, education, etc. people face around the world. Every year there is a University conference, which focuses mainly on commitments made by college students to do something either in their community or in another.

The organization I'm working with is called Project RISHI, which stands for Rural Indian Social and Healthcare Improvement has a commitment this year that focuses on the alleviation of social stigma surrounding leprosy in rural India. Fun facts about leprosy: the way it spreads is mostly unknown, but it's completely curable and 95% of the world population is immune to it. One of the leprosy colonies we work with has a performance group that is completely comprised of the able-disabled, and we want to support them by helping them promote their message that leprosy and/disability do not ruin a person's dignity.

Look it's me listening to Bill Clinton! - from the official CGI Flickr

Last year, I got to meet a lot of people and saw some awesome commitments, but this year, I want to have a much more professional focus. Really work on making useful connections and donors for our cause. Obviously, to pull this off, I'm gonna need some killer outfits. We'll see if I have time for pictures though. I remember last year was a giant failure on the outfit picture front. Either way, so excited!


  1. It doesn't actually happen until you blog about it. =) Have a great time.

  2. sounds like a nice thing to put your time & effort into. rock on!

  3. Have a good time at the conference - that pic of you is so great!

  4. that is really fantastic! and i think it is such an amazing opportunity -- i'm happy you are gonna go again this year! :)

    p.s. can't wait to see your outfits! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. ohmygosh!!
    amazing. i'm so jealous.
    have an amazing time.


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