These Problems Are The Good Ones To Have

Dress: Macy's; Blazer: Sears; Tights: ?; Shoes: Aero (India);

 CGIU outfits, part 2! Part 1 can be found here! I am crazily, madly, foolishly in love with this dress. I got really lucky, because when I bought it it was 50% off and had been discontinued, and I still managed to find one in my size! As I have mentioned before, I'm a hopeless sucker for pleats and full skirts. Also, pay attention in these pictures to my pretty friends, because trust me, they're all gonna be famous innovators or politicians or doctors some day!!

ETA: Has anyone been having trouble with the new blogger? My posts never format right anymore and it's really annoying.


  1. yes i hate the new blogger. it's totally wasting my time.

  2. oh I love the dress! Its super cute esp with the blazer too! :-)

  3. I love your outfit, it's adorable!!

  4. perfect outfit! i think you look great! :)

    <3, Mimi


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