Never An Absolution

Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Macy's; Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Pardon the strange lighting and other faults of these pictures, they were taken with haste. Also, sorry to my darling friend in advance who was not ready yet, but I put her picture on the internet anyway. This is the first of my two outfits during CGIU! The dress code for the weekend was the dreaded "semi-formal." To me semi-formal encompasses everything from cocktail dresses, fancier cocktail dresses (homecoming dresses), business-casual-casual, and business-casual-business. Sorry if those distinctions make no sense to you (I may have invented them), but you can see why I was worried about outfits! I think I did alright though because at no point did I feel over- or under-dressed. Small victories. Hooray!


  1. i would dread semi-formal too. :p very pretty blue blouse, it looks like you were successful. :)

  2. You look gorgeous! And thanks for stopping by El Bloggo! You are right - that is an awesome Brooke Fraser song!


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