A little over a month ago, I drove up to LA to see an early screening of this wonderful little musical made by my favorite new, hip theater production company, Team StarKid, referenced vaguely here and even more vaguely here. Starship is described as The Little Mermaid meets Aliens meets Avenue Q, an assessment with which I totally agree. It was really good (and the album hit number 4 on iTunes!!), but I was most excited about the meet and greet with some cast members. Actually, I was so excited that I'd made this pretty awesome shirt:

Most of the cast graduated from the University of Michigan theater department and now they're based out of Chicago. Their initial viral success was totally accidental from YouTube uploads of the musical parody A Very Potter Musical. Since then, their success has only grown with A Very Potter Sequel and the crude, but hilarious Me and My Dick, and with Darren Criss's success on Glee. Let me be clear: Each and every one of them is so talented. Many of them sing, play multiple instruments, are great actors, puppeteers, designers, comedians, what have you, and they're all under 25! I got to meet some of them: Brian Holden, Joe Walker, Brant Cox, and Nick Lang.

Such fine, classy men, haha.

Maybe this is a weird feeling because it feels like I've seen them grow in fame from the very beginning, but I'm so proud of all of them! I mean, the screening was at Raleigh Studios! How much more legit do you get than that?! Like, I was all driving in and it didn't hit me how official it all was until I saw these parking spots!

Jonathan Groff!

Taye Diggs!

All in all, it was SUCH A GOOD DAY. In addition to the StarKids, I met a lot of really cool fans and made some fast friends. This fandom is surprisingly small for how big it seems, but oh-so-dedicated. Before the show, we just kept randomly breaking out in songs from AVPM and there was this awesome feeling of family all around.

If you haven't guessed by now, I would seriously suggest taking time out of your weekend to watch all their shows on their YouTube channel, StarKidPotter.


  1. SO LUCKY! Aaah! That picture is amazing.

    Love Starkid. Not only are they all talented, but they all keep surprising me with just how talented they are.

    (Like Brian Holden and Dylan in Starship - hello, amazing voices we've never really heard before! Seriously awesome.) (God, I'm such a creepy fan.) :)


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