Lust List Monday: StarKid Productions

When I said I was possessed, consumed, etc. I wasn't kidding. I've recently started trying to figure out how I might be able to better budget my money to make room for these wonderful StarKid products. It involved a pretty dire amount of not eating, so... probably not happening. Probably.

The one and only Team Starkid pink retro sunglasses.

Two of my favorite things!


Trust obsessive behavior to kick in right before I need need need to start studying for finals/cramming for MCATs. The only time this weekend I stopped watching StarKid Productions and interviews was to take a practice MCAT, eat, and go out on Saturday night. I've been a bum.

I think I need an INTERVENTION.


  1. i've never heard of star kid before! at first i thought it was a clothing company, but after reading this entire post, it seems more like a... production company? haha although, i feel like i am still totally wrong.

    my favorites of these products are definitely the sunglasses and keep calm t-shirt. so adorable! :)

    i hope your MCAT studying is going great!


  2. Yeah! It's the theatrical production company that did A Very Potter Musical and its sequel. YouTube it if you get a chance; it's hilarious. It's got a pretty big viral following in the Harry Potter fan community, haha.

  3. Mugdha, this morning a cell phone went off during cardiology grand rounds, and the phone's ring was "Totally Awesome" from AVPM. I nearly died.

    The woman couldn't find her cell phone in her bag, so we had to wait awkwardly through 3 renditions of the first few lines.. it was kinda the highlight of my day.

    Just thought you would appreciate that story.


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