Don't You Want Me

Let me warn you: there is going to be a lot of gushing in this post, because I am consumed, obsessed, and completely enamored right now. Like considering taking up busy bee lauren's fake boyfriend tag and turning it into a feature all its own. This is serious.

You guys, I think I'm in love with Darren Criss.

I'm sure you all know him from Glee, but as a huge huge Harry Potter fan, I've been madly in love since the long curly-haired days of A Very Potter Musical, cutely acronymed AVPM by fans. I mean, yeah, Blaine's supermegafoxyawesomehot, but he played Harry freaking Potter and I don't think anyone else compares. Oh, right, did I mention he can sing? And he plays the violin and the guitar and the piano (the last two, he taught himself). This recent resurfacing of obsession over Darren Criss though, was inspired by Tuesday's episode of Glee. Please tell me this doesn't make you melt into a pathetic puddle:

He totally didn't need to ask. I sooo want him.


  1. He is super cute -- I loved his appearance on Glee!

  2. I really liked him on Glee. & not to mention that he's easy on the eyes.

  3. These are the moments I miss cable. Not the bill mind you. I feel like the shows got better since I left. How does that happen?!


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