Starting 2013

To start off the new year, I went skiing! Skiing is my favorite winter activity and every year I beg my family and friends to go and sometimes they acquiesce. This was my first in nearly 3 years and it was sunny and warm and beautiful, and I could not imagine a better way to begin 2013.

I keep looking at this serene picture, though, and being reminded of horizons and the awesome (but also stressful) things I have coming up this year. These aren't resolutions, per se, but in 2013, I'm going to:
  • Become EMT Certified
  • Complete 8 weeks of public health fieldwork
  • Begin my Masters thesis
  • Take the MCAT again
  • Apply to medical school
If I keep the horizon in perspective (read: when it's 1 am and I want to go to bed instead of finishing that one last reading), I could be setting up for a truly amazing year, and that is good motivation.


  1. happy new year mugdha! i bet you had a fab time skiing. cheers to your ambitious resolutions. :)

  2. Protip: Go to bed at 1am. Just get up at 6am.

    Or be a night owl. I guess we all work differently.

  3. I've been dying to go skiing or snowboarding, I'm jealous of your trip!

    So excited for your new plans! I definitely want to look into taking some kind of class! I was thinking some kind of cooking class, but the ones I've looked into are pretty pricey! I just joined a kickboxing and yoga gym, so we'll see how that goes!

    Good luck with your 2013 goals!


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