The Slopes

In the last few days, the cold weather's got me day dreaming about skiing. Being a Phoenician, seeing snow was rare. Well, in Phoenix, it was non-existent, but you know, occasionally we went places where it snowed. My earliest memory of skiing is going to Eldora resort in Aspen, Colorado when I was 7. I'd played in snow before, but there was something really beautiful about seeing a huge mountain top covered in a blanket of pure white, untouched powder. And then, I got to fly down the mountain at break-neck speed (read: pizza-position it down the bunny slope) and I was hooked. Since then, my family's gone skiing almost every year, and as winter comes closer, I start fantasizing about the next time I'll find myself blazing down a blue diamond (which, I can actually do now!).

Snoqualmie, Seattle.
Yeah, I took this on the ski lift at significant risk to my life.

It's so serene to get up at this obscenely early hour and go to a place where it's peaceful and cold and you're all bundled up. I love feeling chilly wind in my hair and on my face (well, until my nose feels like it's going to fall off from frostbite). This ski season, I want to plan a trip with some of my friends and maybe learn to snowboard. It'll be a lot of planning work, but I think it will, as always, be worth it.

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  1. Hey, I know that Snoqualmie place! I live in Seattle. I have never tried to ski. I did learn to snowboard a couple years ago and love it. Although, I gotta tell you. My first day was ALL falling. The whole day. Hard.

    After that, super fun. Just go knowing your first day might not be great. ;-)

  2. i have never been snowboarding or skiing, but have always wanted to! these pictures are really great...i love how when you're standing in a spot with a ton of snow all around, it gets really quiet, kind of like there are imaginary padded walls. haha!

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  3. I absolutely love to ski-we grew up on the slopes, and so did my mom, who taught my dad to ski when they first started dating. Colorado will spoil you rotten, though-the snow is always so beautiful!

  4. Pretty photos....the snow is on its way here..:(

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  5. I've never been skiing! I will say that I am definitely ready to change this fact!


  6. Definitely try skiing if you haven't yet! It's easy to learn and really really fun!


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