Birthday Week!

Today is my birthday!!

Can you guess which one from the picture, haha? I get childishly and stupidly excited about my birthday. I think it's because I'm kind of a youngin' amongst my friends, but this year I feel like I have good reason at least. Yesterday, I kept having to stop and take moments cause I think I was freaking out a little, haha. My best friend, Amy, is visiting all week and we have fun plans! And then there is our school's huge music festival on Friday and a Team Starkid concert on Sunday! Between all those things and work and planning for a trip to Vegas next weekend and for my trip to India in a month (oh man, it's in a month! how did that happen?!), and packing to move out of my apartment, I am going to be crazy busy for a while. Apologies, again, if blogging gets the short end of the priority-stick for a little while, but I will hopefully have lots of fun pictures and memories to share after!


  1. happy 21st birthday mugdha! :)

  2. I missed it by a day - happy belated birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day!


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