Beast Mode

Somehow, though I don't seem to have time to eat regular meals or finish that painting or play the guitar right now, I seem to be finding a LOT of time to read. In the last 2 weeks I've read four books!! Okay, I'll admit, one was a re-read. Still, this is usual for on-vacation Mugdha, but very very not for balancing-a-bazillion-volunteer-activities-and-job-hunting-and-working-on-grad-school-apps Mugdha (phew, that was long). I certainly hope this trend continues throughout the year. I want to keep tabs on what I read this year, because I always seem to forget when people ask for recommendations!

Had to re-read it because the sequel came out. Set in the 1800s, it's YA urban fantasy with kind of a steampunk tilt to it, and damn is it good. I really liked all the characters, which is odd, since I usually can't stand the main girls in these stories.

Sigh. Will Herondale is such a tortured soul, man. This book was just as fast-paced as the first, but other than Will and Charlotte I grew to dislike most of the main characters. Also, the romance got sort of...drawn out for me. I like a little well-done romance, but this kind of distracted from the plot.

I have had this book recommended to me by at least 10 bloggers and like 4 other people in real life, so I had really high expectations. Unfortunately, it just didn't meet them. I think a lot of it was just that I didn't really like the prose-style it was written in and that I didn't like the main character. The setting was really interesting, though. I LOVE dystopias, so that part was great!

Perhaps you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard of John Green, but all I have to say is GO READ THIS. NOW. And then go find the rest of his books and read them all too. You will absolutely not regret it. I promise.

Happy reading!


  1. You used "BEASTMODE" in your title. Yay!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I've been so excited to read John Green's book. I love that man, haha. I've just gotta order one and my life will be complete after reading it :)

  3. i'm super impressed with your 4 books! im jealous! i definitely need to make more time to read :)

  4. I just read this book- I'd remembered your post on it- I'm doing a recently read post and was going to link back to you :) So good!


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