Looking Forward and Back

As I mentioned here, I spent this past weekend at home for my brother's high school graduation. It was really strange walking into the stadium of my old high school and having to sit in the bleachers instead of out in the chairs on the field like I remember. It was even stranger passing kids from my graduating class and having them show no sign of recognition or smiling what could only be called awkwardly. There were some kids that I could tell pretty much hadn't changed at all since high school, and others that I had to do a double-take to even recognize! I wonder if they felt similar things about me!

All grown up!

Okay...obviously not that grown up...

This kind of defines our relationship, haha. As his big sister, I will always give him a hard time about stupid things (and vice versa), but ultimately, we are just goofballs together. I'm so glad everything worked out and got to go to his graduation (even though my ass was so sore after two hours on those godforsaken bleachers)! Good luck in college, kiddo!


  1. yay, congrats to him! I can see how weird that would be to go back to highschool and see where you used to go. I think I would just be thinking how small it compares to college!

  2. Awwww!! Congrats to your brother!! I have only been back to my old high school once since I graduated 5 years ago. I hated high school, and I can't even bear the thought of walking back into that building. Ugh.

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  3. Adorable!! Now you're making me miss my siblings.. :P


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