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I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I use Google Analytics to keep stats on this blog. It started when Blogger Stats was down for a bit, and I started going nuts needing the feedback. But now that the initial obsession is over, I've taken to checking it every couple weeks, mainly for the sake of identifying search terms people have found my blog with and countries from which I've had visitors. Both of these are incredibly amusing ventures. People have found me searching some crazy shit, let me tell you. Actually, let me show you.* They fall into several categories.
Search terms I'm proud to say led to my blog:

Search terms I'm not proud to say led to my blog, but that I can appreciate:

Search terms I am thoroughly confused by:

Search terms that are really oddly specific:

And these interesting countries (Hello friends!!) that I'd love to see, but never expected people to visit me from:
1. Dominica
2. Botswana
3. Azerbaijan
4. Turkey
5. The Baltic States (okay, so that's 3 countries, whatever)

Fun Facts:
-Over 50 people have visited my blog over 200 times! This blows me away. Thanks!
-This post about Colmar has had the most hits at 103. Like, what?
-Most people who visit use Firefox or Chrome, and 1 person used RockMelt, which I had never heard of until today.

The point of this story is you should probably head over and download yourself some Analytics. Though Stats will essentially tell you the same stuff on the occasions it chooses to function. I'm not being paid to endorse this product, just having fun. Ta

*Imagine that in the voice of diary-Tom Riddle circa Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


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