Next stop, Colmar!

I've been fantasizing recently about travel. My trip to India coming up really soon, and all the "getting ready" that I've been doing has forced me to revisit the travel bucket list and subsequently, travel blogs. Doesn't really help that many of my friends and colleagues have been off gallivanting around the globe this summer.
Of course, my number 1 destination is still the UK, namely London,

but, the pretty little town of Colmar, France is climbing the list pretty quickly as I read more about it.

It looks so quaint!

This picture is basically straight out of my imagination of the towns in which fantasy books are set.

The clouds make the colors stand out so nicely.

Scratch visiting. This is the new dream home.

Ah, so pretty!

Colmar served as an inspiration town for the town in Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. The guy who designed the Statue of Liberty was from Colmar, and the people there are damn proud of that. Also, the city has a library with a huge collection of preserved printed works from before 1500 AD, which I think is pretty legit. This might be a strange thing to say, but I can only imagine how wonderful that library smells. Mmm.
Unfortunately, I should probably focus first on getting a visa and malaria pills for India. But, I will certainly take my fantasy trip across Europe one day and visit this adorable place.


  1. I like that you chose a town that isn't super well known. Reminds me of Bruges, Belgium (I saw "In Bruges" a couple months ago hahaha ... "is like a fairy tale city ... that's why I sent him there!")

    j'aimerais bien voyager en france. Bonne chance!

  2. I have yet to see that, but I'm liking what Google Images is showing me of the city!

  3. hey there

    I came across your page whilst looking for somewhere to stay overnight en route from Dusseldorf to Les Arcs. I'd just booked Colmar and was trying to find a little more about it.

    The pictures look great. Cant wait to get there!

  4. Thanks! I'd love to hear how your experience of it is. Drop me an email or something!

  5. Did you ever get to visit Colmar? I'm driving down there this weekend. I'm from AZ but live in western Germany, I'm such a lucky bastard ;)

  6. No, I actually haven't yet! It's still on my list though! You are one lucky duck! Tell me about your trip!!


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