Weekend Update

You guys, I am so happy with the responses to the Tuesday Tunes feature! It took me a couple days, but all your responses were so good! And aside from "Dog Days Are Over" and "You and I," I basically hadn't heard any of them! So, keep that up, for sure.

This is what you guys have turned me into. That kid with 7 YouTube tabs open.

Last night, I got to see Hellogoodbye in concert! Seriously, they were one of my favorite bands somewhere around freshman year of high school, so there was that strange nostalgia surrounding the whole thing. But the guys in the band were so adorable and cracked jokes, played with bubbles, and made lame puns the whole time, so by the end I was in love all over again. So, I'm working up to a real post, but as I mentioned before, this is very quickly turning into the week from hell, so excuse the sort-of-filler posts.


  1. okay. i'm really going to try the pants in the oven! haha thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! follow me and see what i wear every wednesday!!! let's be friends xoxo


  2. im so jealous you got to see hellogoodbye!! cute blog, im a new follower. i think we have similar music taste so im excited for tuesday tunes!



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