Tuesday Tunes

I'm adding a new feature!

Maybe it's just my super Type A need to organize everything around me, but doing something at the time designated for it is such a burst of endorphins for me, weird creature that I am. Anyway, I've been dying to do a music feature for a long time because it's such a big part of my life. I want to share what I like, and emphasis on this, I want you guys to respond with what your favorites are for the week! Go at me because new music is my must-have, always! Maybe I'll do themes sometimes, but mostly, anything goes. I will link to YouTube, because nothing is worse than having to open a new tab and find a link.

1."Shove It" - Santogold
2."Borneo" - Firewater
3."Rhythm of Love" - Plain White T's
4."Soco Amaretto Lime" - Brand New

Share Some Tunes!

p.s. Glee is off hiatus tonight! Can't wait!


  1. I am really bad about listening to the same songs over and over. This week I obsessively listened to Florence + The Machine: Dog Days Are Over, and three John Legend songs: PDA, Save Room, and Slow Dance. None of these are new or exciting, I just can't seem to stop listening. Oh! Also a lot of Lupe Fiasco.

  2. i LOVE this idea!

    you should listen to "california king bed" by rihanna! my roommate showed it to me this week and i haven't stopped listening to it since. :)


  3. I'm so behind on pop music - this feature will help me get up to speed!

  4. I loooooooooveeeeeeeee Brand New.

    & I like this new feature!

    As for my favorite song this week? Ingrid Michaelson's "You and I"

  5. I love the plain white T's and on your previous post I love Tina Fey I want to be her.

  6. I'm so excited to read this feature, I am really bad at listening to the same two albums for like a month straight! But hopefully this will help me branch out! haha I loooove that song, and Brand New in general!
    I've been listening to a lot of Mike Posner lately, which is odd because I'm normally not that into that kind of music... but it's so catchy!

    Ahah, no worries because I clearly cannot control my use of exclamations either :]


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