Is it weird to say that I suddenly seem to have too much inspiration? I've been meaning to blog, but I haven't because I don't want to unload the 20-page inspired-Mugdha soliloquy on you guys. This conference, Julia Albain's book I mentioned here, TED talks, and some people have made me turn into a big sappy bubble of happy, inspired, thankful, kind, and excited. So, this is still longer than I planned, but you all are aware of my rambling.
When I was in India this summer, I kept a journal. It was to document everything that we experienced, but also personal; my take on the things I saw and experienced. The pages were small-ish, but I filled over 50 of them with my thoughts, and didn’t even manage to cover the whole trip. I re-discovered a passion for writing in those moments that has often gotten lost during business as usual.
On a whim, with a bunch of friends, I decided to take gospel choir freshman year of college. As someone with little musical training, it was surprisingly easy, not uncomfortable, and really fun. One night, we were all sitting around our common room and suddenly we were having a completely impromptu gospel concert and people were coming in from across the hall to listen. Just a bunch of us girls having fun. Same with impromptu dance parties and teaching each other to awkwardly ballroom. I re-discovered a passion for singing and dancing that my recent Glee obsession has brought to the forefront once again.
I have a friend who is into philosophy/psychology, but has taken a serious interest in biology. Oddly, he considers my biology major to mean that I am his resident expert on the subject, and often, when we hang out, we end up talking about science the entire time. He listens and asks relevant questions and presses my knowledge and I get really excited and worked up when I can actually explain some amazing process or the gist of my research to him. Every time this happens, I realize a passion for science and innovation that hours and hours of lab work sometimes squelch out of me.
And lastly, working with people, helping them feel better, live better. Every Luminaria ceremony that has brought me to tears, the smiles of leprosy patients after I wrapped a particularly nasty wound successfully (even though they looked terrified the whole time I was doing it), the gratitude and relief in the eyes of mothers when we could tell them their baby didn’t have malaria, and recently, the inspiring and thought-provoking commitments made by not just celebrities like Clinton, Mandy Moore, and Sean Penn, but by refugees and over 1000 students at this weekend’s conference. They have reaffirmed my passion for helping people, lifting their spirits, and making them happy in all the ways I can.

The point of this whole thing being that even though I’m not sure where my life is going right now, and that scares the crap out of me, because I used to know exactly, I feel inspired. I am realizing the things I am passionate about and I want to pursue them. So this is my lesson: When you feel inspiration, go for it. Make hard decisions. Re-evaluate, reconnect, and ground yourself. Let it course through you and guide you to the greatest things you will ever accomplish. Over and out.


  1. Great post! Has this changed your plans, as far as med school or anything, or just re-inspired you to continue along your path?

  2. This post is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that your inspired & this really inspires me. Everyone should pursue what they really want to do with their lives because it'll make them even more happier! Now you've got me thinking! :)

    && I've tagged you in a post on my blog for an award!

  3. Love the post :-)

    Over the past years I've definitely felt exactly the same way - it began with a random 12am spontaneous roadtrip across the entire southwest (and you know me - I wasn't a spontaneous person ... I was a planner of every last detail). Then it led to saying 'what the hell' to living in Hawaii ... then Seattle ... then on a boat in San Francisco Bay ... and now in the city itself. But since then, I really let go ... not completely, but still quite a bit from my former self, and learned to seize opportunities to explore and just simply LIVE life.

    Like you, I thought I used to know how everything was going to go. But sometimes life throws these weird moments at you, and it knocks a little bit of, well, LIFE into your life - that is, if you can see it and let it in. In retrospect, I'm glad I took the scenic route off of the path I planned out for myself because, damn, I'd be one boring ass, bitter person otherwise :-)

    Thx for the inspiration in your post, made me smile :)

  4. I think we were on the same wave length this weekend. Spending 16+ hours in the car from Tucson to San Francisco gives you lots and lots of time to think. I got out of the car feeling like I have a million things to say and paths to explore. I hope that feeling sticks around.


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