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I have three loves in life, my own personal Holy Trinity, if you will. Of those loves, though, Harry Potter is certainly the in the top spot. I've posted about exactly why that is before, but aside from the books, I am a big fan of a lot of the actors in the movies. I'm not usually crazy about the younger ones, but I must say that Emma Watson and Evanna Lynch have grown up fantastically, and that I truly consider them role models.

Miss Lynch in her first couture shoot.

{yes, sometimes, I ignore copyright stamps...but I don't intend to infringe, swear.}
I could see her playing Alice at some point very easily.

I also happen to think her nose ring and braces are kind of adorable.

Then, there's Emma. I think everybody knows about the famous (and amazing) Burberry ads, but she's done some pretty awesome other shoots too, not to mention the girl decided to attend university after all that fame, didn't turn into a shitshow, then chopped all her hair off and still looks fierce.

Could anyone else rock this outfit? Probably not.

Love how they've done her eye makeup here.

So pretty.

And I'm also in love with the fact that she did Burberry 2010 with her little brother. They're the same ages as my brother and I basically, so they remind me of us, and I think it's adorable how proudly she talks about him.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2010.

He's sort of cute, right?




  1. i love emma watson! she is so gorgeous, and i couldn't agree with you more about her growing up to become a beautiful young woman.

    i think it's hilarious how you wrote "he's sort of cute right?" about th guy standing next to emma in the last picture. i literally laughed out loud. haha! :)

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  2. I think Emma Watson is gorgeous! I usually am not big on child stars but she and Kristen Stewart stand out - plus they're beautiful!

  3. Of course you already know this, but just in the one in a million chance you didn't .... you know you can take the "hogwarts express" steam train in real life right? It's the steam train called "The Jacobite" and it runs on the West Highland Line through the Scottish highlands in the summertime from Fort William to Mallaig. The scenes in the movie where they show the train running over the viaduct is actually the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

  4. Michael, I know! It's totally on my list of things to do in the UK!

  5. Awesome, I hadn't seen the Lynch photos yet! Love Harry Potter, it's a top cultural fixation for me as well. (I think musicals and anything involving Neil Patrick Harris round out my top 3.)


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