Funny Story

At the lab, I've started working with another postdoc (not HPD, sadly) on a different project, so I've been really excited about coming to work the last few days. He's foreign, so he stumbles around his words a little bit, but mostly he's awesome and hilarious. We'll call him FPD, for foreign. And funny. Today, he had me fix slides with clear nail polish. Basically, they do this so they don't have to buy expensive fixing agents, can see the cells, and the cover slips won't be moving around the slide. Anyway, hilarity ensued:

[I am diligently fixing while HPD and FPD are talking]

FPD: I love working with girl undergrads!
(HPD makes eye contact with me, we both laugh)

HPD: Really, FPD?

FPD: Wait, oh, not like that! I just, you know, not like that! They're just so much better with the nail polish!
(HPD and I make eye contact again and keep laughing)

FPD: No! Really! They're always better at fixing the slides! Boys get nail polish all over everything, like buffoons!

HPD: (still laughing {probably at FPD's use of 'buffoons' in normal conversation}) It's okay FPD, we get it, we get it. We won't tell your wife.

I love my job.


  1. OH, I would watch that guy! He was protesting a bit too much! :-)

  2. Poor guy...

    By the way, you're getting really prolific here on the blog. Way to go!

  3. haha! that's hilarious! by the way, just from reading your writing, and knowing you work in a lab, you seem like a really intelligent person! :)

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  4. lmao ... research labs always have awesome foreign people - you get to explain what a squirrel is and what the HOV lane on a freeway is for. When i worked at BNI, our lab coordinator and one of the PIs were trying to explain to our new post-doc how to pronounce "fork" and "beach" as to avoid some hilariously embarrassing situations :-p

    Good luck with the research! I miss frozen section tissue fixing and fluorescent antibody dyes :-(


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