Let me tell you the story of how I was pimped out:
"Hot Postdoc (to supervisor): I'm thinking about getting a student volunteer to work with me. Do you know what the best way is to go about getting one?

Supervisor: Umm...well during the year we can put out ads on campus, but the summer is usually hard to find people...

HPD: Yeah, PI suggested this girl, but her resume worries me. She has a 4.0. When kids have 4.0s, I worry that they're using me and will always put school first.

Supervisor: [laughs] Well, Mugdha here's not going to be doing that much in the next couple weeks, but she's good and she knows the lab layout and stuff. You can have her.

HPD: Oh awesome!

[Supervisor and HPD continue to discuss how many hours he will get to have me and what skills I have while I sit right there.] "

Good thing? Bad thing? I'm unsure. I think if I play my cards right here, not only do I get to work with HPD, but I might go back to having some semblance of a project since somehow I've been devalued in the last month from project-having,knowledgeable,super-intern to little lab bitch girl. Eh, I guess that happens though when every PCR you've done in the last week has not worked. Will work harder.


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