Now for a Brief Interruption

Confession: I haven't been reading lately.

I can barely make it through a Buzzfeed quiz some days, let alone a book.

In the time that my weird book-funk has been going on, I've started thinking of it as an illness, trying to self-diagnose with explanatory but wholly unhelpful articles and carrying a book around wherever I go with the hope that I will suddenly regain my capacity to read properly. But the fact seems to just be that I can't get into anything I've tried right now, because I can't pay attention for more than five minutes and I'm having a hard time prioritizing reading in any capacity.

I'm yearning for something not-depressing. The news, which is most of what I've been reading lately, is generally so frustrating that any little escape sounds like a paradise. Any suggestions?


  1. last summer i read "the last summer of the camperdowns."---it's a hilarious read...and if you haven't read jonathan tropper's "this is where i leave you"---get it now...before the movie comes out...super funny/good.

  2. thanks, katie! I will certainly look into 'em!


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