The Most Important Thing I've Read All Year (So Far)

I cannot stress how important it is to me that you read this.

Gates Foundation Annual Letter 2014

This is an annual state-of-things letter written by Bill and Melinda Gates dispelling some of the most common myths surrounding foreign aid. It's a little long, but I can guarantee that it will hold your attention and you will learn something new and/or surprising.

Part of the reason I want to share this is because of the number of times I have experienced questions/comments with their basis in these myths in my personal life. Why help out hopeless countries when there are people in need here that would appreciate it more? How can you justify giving money and time that rarely ends up where it's supposed to go? Does what you do even make a difference? I'm in public health, a profession who's motto is practically "we've really only done our job when we've given enough to put ourselves out of a job," and I still sometimes struggle with the myths they talk about. Giving aid in a strong, sustainable way improves health, lives, and economies. And while I would be the first to agree (as do the Gateses) that there is room for improvement in the process of giving aid, it's scientific truth. Progress for the poor, domestically and globally, is progress for everyone.


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  2. That letter definitely held my attention. I think that helping out anyone is a wonderful thing. We should look to help out whoever we can whenever we can.


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