Just Some Formalities

I know my consistency with posting on this blog has been feeble at best the last few months. I wish I could say I was just insanely busy, but I have also been struggling with the content of the blog. I have found myself more and more inclined lately to post about current events and issues that affect us all, but that I fear don't get nearly enough airtime or are slowly slipping into the darkness when they should be making a headline every day. However, this did not begin as a political blog or a news blog, it's character is defined by my character and my stories and interests, and I also want that to stay. You guys, I think, have been amazingly patient with me; reading and commenting thoughtfully on all types of posts, even when I've been awful about reciprocating. I think I'm going to try a little harder to strike that balance.


  1. I think you should post about what fascinates you and what interests you. If you do that blogging will be easier and more enjoyable and that will come through in your posts.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. mugdha, i agree with jessica! :) it's your blog, do what makes you happy.


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