Newport Weekend!

Just after I got back from South Africa, I was super graciously invited by N's family to vacation with them in Newport Beach. As it was my first time spending much time with his family, I was kind of a Nervous Nelly. I meticulously planned out every outfit I would wear, checking and re-checking them for potential indecency, made sure I bought his parents a cool gift from South Africa, and tried to be on my politest behavior. Turns out, I was worried about nothing. It was a fantastic few days filled with beach time, all kinds of food, and seeing old Cali friends. =]

The view from their condo! Oh, SoCal, you'll always have my heart.

I demanded we find a place that had pollo asada fries. Was not disappointed.

I might have had some difficulty deciding which salsa to try first.

Point of these posts, I REALLY MISS CALIFORNIA.


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