Fall Beer

If there was one fall thing I hardcore felt I missed out on prior to turning 21, it has to be pumpkin beer. The insanely delicious taste of pumpkin mixed with perfect blends of spices after a long day of class or work is divine.
People are surprised to learn that I basically didn't drink any beer until I moved to North Carolina last year. I'd tried some kinds, but nothing had really grown on me before and the best I could stomach was a Blue Moon. Then a roommate last year introduced me to the what-seems-like-bazillions of local breweries and all their fall beers (pumpkin, harvest spice, maple, etc.) and I hate to phrase it that I was hooked, but I was hooked. What are your favorite beers?


  1. I love Blue Moon! My fave - though I can only really stomach like two of them.

    I've actually never tried pumpkin beer before - that Harvest Moon looks interesting!

  2. ah fall beers are soooooo good!
    xo Jessica

  3. my favorite beers are the ones that taste like wine coolers.....


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