It isn't often on this blog that I strive to be eloquent. When I started, it wasn't a strong part of my intention to work on my writing, and sometimes I post with such haste that there isn't time for words other than those in my colloquial lexicon. But, I follow the blogs of some people who have such impressive precision with their words that it's insecurity-inducing. Sentences that ebb and flow exactly as intended, analogies that paint perfect pictures in the mind. Meanwhile, I'm over here stumbling through my inability to find the exact meaningful words and substituting shallow broad ones in their stead when I fail.
I find it incredibly hard to express myself with the clear brevity of some of my favorite writers, and I think it's a skill I really need to improve on, not just for the blog, but for writing presentations, personal statements, papers, and even just conversation. I've heard writing a lot, even when you don't particularly feel inspired is helpful. Any other suggestions/sites/books for working on this?


  1. write a lot and write on what you know. write on a topic you like and then challenge yourself to something that's not your forte'.

  2. Aww, I felt that this was extremely eloquent. I would love to write succinctly and with purpose, but putting that type of thought into my writing is totally unlike me.

  3. i think you're perfect...
    i too feel like a complete moron...but i don't write to be eloquent nor do i write for others. i write for me...it's my journal...
    ask yourself "why" do you write?

  4. You're not the only one. Here --http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/280025/creative-breakthroughs-ta-nehisi-coates/-- is a clip of Ta-Nehini Coates (now Senior Editor at The Atlantic) talking about how he was "banging his head against the wall" because he wasn't becoming the writer he wanted to be. I say keep fighting the good fight to craft shapely sentences and paint vivid ideas, and have faith that the effort will pay off.


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